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Teaching the Bible is such an important decision to do together for the whole family.  For mine, it makes a HUGE difference to BEGIN our day gathering inspiration and praise in the word before starting our studies.  When our schedule is off, it is evident the whole day through.
There are many Bible applications, and check out the apps in your mobile device play store too!  I utilize a free app called You Version Bible app on my cell phone and tablet.  This one allows for me and a friend across the country to work on certain sermons/topics together.  It has a highlight feature and ability to share verses to each other or on social media.

You Version


Look in your Google Play Store for this Adventure!

There are a few kid versions and thanks to a giving church that does not require me being a regular member, I also use a program for myself and for my teens called Right Now Media. This app lets him (and me) pick a Bible study selection that is tailored to s specific theme.  Right Now Media also provides group questions and a group of short videos to watch and do Q & A as a group also.  I would recommend this app to everyone!  Onto the list of what I’ve found so far…


[FREE] Bible Study
[FREE] Bible Study
[FREE] Bible Study (All you need is a Kidology Membership – whether that be at the FREE Basic level or the all-access Premium option — to download the Open Source Curriculum.)
[FREE] The Beginner’s Bible, Kids
[FREE] Bible Lapbook
[FREE] Home of the Character
[FREE] Teaching Godly Character
[FREE] Printables
[FREE] Bible Classbooks
[FREE] Bible Teaching Resources
[FREE] Church History (Protestant Approach)
[FREE] Bible Activities
Do you know of a Bible site offering free studies that is not listed above?  Please email me or drop it in the comments below.
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