Einkorn: Recipes For Nature’s Original Wheat


Einkorn Recipes For Nature’s Original Wheat is an extremely informative cookbook with astounding photography!

The educational approach that explains why Einkorn is a better option is brilliant, yet not so detailed that you cannot understand the theory. Einkorn illustrates the differences between ancient grains and the genetically modified food sources we have today. The changes from original Einkorn grain to the soft wheat grain we consume daily are terrifying.  We compromise our health with fast foods and other edible toxins.

I’ve been seeking back to the basics recipes and cooking methods to reverse my diagnosis of type 2 diabetes, and new dietary choices to improve the quality of life for my children.  This process may require extra time, but clean eating may give us all more time to live out our dreams.

Living gluten free and dairy free is not for the faint of heart and I struggle more often than not. It is so nice to have another grain option beyond the traditional gluten free flours that pack a pretty high glycemic punch.

Einkorn provides easy to follow instructions with great tips and tricks for each recipe. I cannot wait to try some of the recipes! I look forward to making the pancakes, pizza, bread, cookies and so on.

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  1. Hebergement web says:

    Einkorn grows tall and proud, just the way nature intended. The gluten in einkorn lacks the high molecular weight proteins that many people can’t digest. If you are sensitive to modern wheat, einkorn may provide a delicious alternative. Einkorn does contain gluten and is not ok for those with celiac disease.

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