Father’s Day Freebies!

  An Entire Day Dedicated just for Dads! {and Grandpa’s too!}  There are so many ways to customize your thoughtful gifts.  If you have a Handy Dad, Dapper Dad, Gadget Lover, or Sporty Dad…now is your time to take his style and get creative and show that you care.  

50 Abundant Ways to Celebrate Your Father/Grandfather

  1. Make him, or take him out to breakfast.
  2. Write him a sincere letter to remind him of special events you had with him in the past year.
  3. Name a star after him.
  4. Buy him a book, or downloads for his kindle.
  5. Make a grooming gift bag/basket for him.
  6. Take him to his favorite place growing up (or at least talk about his favorite memories with…).
  7. Buy (or make) him new pillow/bedding.  {Depending on age and location, a heated blanket would be nice}.
  8. A gift certificate for a massage.
  9. Fishing Trip.
  10. Car wash certificate.
  11. Certificates to his favorite restaurant.
  12. Concert tickets.
  13. Game ticket.
  14. Poem.
  15. Slippers.
  16. Cell phone docking station.
  17. Gym membership.
  18. New outfit.
  19. Hobby Supplies.
  20. Remote Control Airplane. {bring out the kid in him!}.
  21. Museum of his interest pass.
  22. Binoculars.  {for bird or neighbor watching}.
  23. A 6-pack {of root beer}.
  24. New shoe inserts ~ is he gelling?
  25. Cologne.
  26. GNC certificates {supplements}
  27. Offer to write his memoir.
  28. Buy him his favorite sweets.
  29. Hunting supplies.
  30. New cell phone case.
  31. Custom t-shirt or hat
  32. iTunes
  33. Favorite magazine subscription.
  34. Favorite place to walk/hike
  35. A model car.
  36. Oils change certificate.
  37. BBQ gift set.
  38. New Mug.
  39. Gift Card to favorite tool store.
  40. Watch.
  41. Wallet.
  42. Monogram hankies. 
  43. Sign him up for dancing lessons!
  44. or an Art Class.
  45. Make him a scrapbook. 
  46. Make him homemade gourmet soap {or buy him some}
  47. Utility or Swiss Army Knife.
  48. A hot air balloon ride.
  49. Movie Tickets.
  50. A guitar & lessons {well, because he rocks!}


To My Hard Working Husband
Dearest David,

The Lord directs the steps of the Godly.  He delights in every detail of their lives.  
Psalms 37:23

You were meant to be a Father.
God put you on this Earth
To guide, love and protect.

May you have Abundant Blessings on Father’s Day & Always,
Happy Father’s Day!

Tanya & your 3 little Wing Nuts 

*This does not contain any affiliate link.   

  As always, I hope you enjoyed some of these Treats by Tanya.  Please comment below if you have other suggestions or are inspired by these 50 ideas 🙂

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