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I hope you can find some useful sites here!

I hope you can find some useful sites here!

When I first began to entertain the idea of homeschooling my children, I feverishly began consumed by reading as many sites and blogs that I could get my hands on.  To recap for those that don’t know me, my family runs off 1(one) income and I was having sticker shock (and wallet shock) as I began buying up every book and workbook I saw.  THEN I found out that most bloggers get a ‘kick back’ when they put the reference plug in to help SELL a program, book, or course.  Several years ago now, that was the spark for this intentional FREE SHARE of resources.  After days of scouring the web, filling my lined paper tablet with free homeschooling sites – I had come to the point that I just had to share with others that were in my boat, or were looking for supplemental tools to give their children the best education possible.  So below you will find just that.  Links to all the FREE Whole Curriculum sets I could find.  I will be breaking my large list from 1014 down to segments while making sure those links are still valid.  If you find a site that’s free and is not already listed here, please email or drop it in the comment section below.  As always, my hope for you is to have the best year possible teaching and enjoy these free educational Treats by Tanya!

All-In-One Curriculum/Multi-Subject

[FREE] Easy Peasy All-In-One Homeschool
[FREE] Lynx Classroom, Homeschool Curriculum for Gifted Children

[FREE] Ambleside Online, a free Charlotte Mason curriculum guide (book purchases are sometimes required)

[FREE] Mater Amabilis, a free Charlotte Mason curriculum for Catholics (book purchases are sometimes required)

[FREE] Free World U, a free online pre-K through 12 program

[FREE] Free online curriculum for 6th to grade 12

[FREE] High School for Homeschoolers

[FREE] Take Free Courses, Earn College Credit – yes, this is real

[FREE] Academic Earth

[FREE] Homeschool Curriculum



[FREE] Upper Level Textbooks

[FREE] Upper Level Online Course

[FREE] Classical Curriculum

College Plus (Dual Enrollment for High School Homeschoolers)

[FREE] An Old-Fashioned Education

[FREE] Ambleside Online – Charlotte Mason

[FREE] Puritans’ Home School


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