FREE Music links to Teach & Learn

Free Teaching and Learning Music Resources

Free Teaching and Learning Music Resources

Here is a collection of links that I’ve found to be helpful while homeschooling my children in the music department.  As you will see below, there is a variety of options from individual instruments to classical music theory.  As an additional tip, look for a church choir to join in your community.  Often, your time and community service can be exchanged for free vocal lessons!  There are so many fun ways to squeeze in homeschooling music credits.

From the list below, my middle son has been loving the free cello lessons offered by the Cello Academy.  In addition to it being free, he can go at his own pace.  With him having a learning disability, this has been a tremendous help for our family as he can rewind as many times as he needs to until he’s ready to move on.

I hope that you enjoy these Free Musical Treats by Tanya and have a successful year cultivating a love for music!

[FREE] Piano Lessons
[FREE] Music Theory
[FREE] Guitar Lessons
[FREE] Piano Lesson
[FREE] Music Theory
[FREE] Music Theory
[FREE] List of Educational Music Resources
[FREE] A Child’s Introduction to Jazz
[FREE] Bach Organ Works
[FREE] Creating Music & Sketch Pads
[FREE] New York Philharmonic Kidzone
[FREE] Having Fun with Classical Music!
[FREE] Guitar Lessons
[FREE] Violin Lessons
[FREE] Violin Lessons & Sheet Music
[FREE] Cello Lessons
[FREE] Making Music Fun
[FREE] Sound Mixer
[FREE] San Francisco Symphony Kids Site
[FREE] Music Study
Do you know of a music site not noted above?  Please email me to verify it so we can continue to share together.
Thanks!  Tanya


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