Melted Snowman Ornament {tutorial}



Just as Olaf says…”Some people are worth melting for.”  So is my son Kingston.  He actually made this ornament last year of a ‘melted snowman’ but since Frozen came to town, snowman’s are popular again!

All you need is as pictured here: 1 glass ball ornament, Epson salt for snow, rolled polymer clay ‘carrot’ nose, and a few small chunks of coal for buttons.  The top is glitter pipe cleaner twisted in an oblong oval for hanging.  This is an easy craft to make, or gift to give for the Disney Frozen, or Olaf fan in your life.  This is an easy homemade ornament that can be kept for yourself, or a homemade gift to give as a keepsake for a teacher, friend or loved one.



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Hope you enjoy making this project!  ~Tanya


  1. R U S S says:

    Everyone sure does have the Frozen fever and everyone loves Olaf. I do. I like anything Olaf. And, this melted snowman Christmas ornament is something new to me – it’s fresh and it’s cool. Will try to make several of it with my little cousins.

    • Tanya says:

      Hi Bonnie! Making your own ornaments is so much fun any way you choose to go, we are a Disney Frozen theme kinda family…heh-hem…I mean ME! lol have fun making yours and post a pic if you get a chance 😀

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