DIY – STEM Terrarium Project

tagMaking your own Ecosystem Terrarium is educational fun and a rewarding hobby by bringing the outdoors inside.  Even if you don’t have a green thumb, once you add all the supplies and keep the lid on, the natural cycle does all the work.  My boys that are ranging in age AND yet WE had so much fun putting our terrarium together!  This can get a tad messy, definitely more fun to do outside – like most projects!

Photo: Tanya Coffman

Building A Dinosaur Terrarium!                                                                                         Photo: Tanya Coffman


I don’t happen to have the space to accommodate a terrarium in each room of my house, but I would love to!  However, what I can do with the terrarium that we built today as our STEM Botany project is change the theme INSIDE as the space allows and seasons change.  We started with a dinosaur theme, and each of my boys will get a turn picking the next theme.

What you need to get started..and in order of putting project together:
– Container (I prefer glass because it’s nonporous, and timeless)
– Gravel for the first bottom layer
– Charcoal for a thin layer
– Soil
– Plants/Seeds/Moss
– Water (amount depends on size of container)
– Optional Decorations (we started with making ours a dinosaur theme)

As we assembled our Dinosaur Terrarium, we talked about the water cycle and other plants that would thrive inside.  Naturally, we had to add some buried bones to peek through the dirt for a fun dino tuff STEM Project.

I hope you enjoy making your own little habitat for plant life.  What theme would you decorate your container with?

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