Wicker Basket Redo DIY ~ Duke’s New Toy Box!

*I was not paid to endorse any website, store or product for this post.  This post is based upon my experience and honest opinion only.  

Though dogs’ are notoriously known to be man’s best friend  ~ Duke is also mine.  He is a Black & Tan Coonhound rescue.  After re-homing our beloved cat prior to our big move half way across the country, I didn’t want anymore pets till we bought a farm.  It was bad enough to travel with kids, guinea pig and a turtle.  

  Originally, we stopped by the Bella Vista, Arkansas shelter to see if there was anything the boys and I could do to volunteer our time as a ‘community service character building project’…as we got our tour from a sweet staff member, with each passing through our eyes kept drawing to Duke sitting still in the corner of his kennel.  Daily, his food and water dish was untouched.  He had no tail, and a hung head.  As we went back, he began to look weaker and even sadder.  He was neglected before the shelter took him in and with him refusing to eat and you could literally count his ribs.  The staff was so sweet and appreciated our help and offerings. 

  Other than knowing Coonhounds were great for treeing and hunting, {bear, deer, raccoon, squirrels, etc.. – none of which I do!} So I came home to look up information about this breed.   
As stated on their site about Coonhounds –
“How do these dogs handle shelter life?
They don’t. Coonhounds in shelters either become frantic and start barking and jumping on the kennel or they become depressed. It is very common for them to quit eating and become emaciated.”
 So our community service projected turned into an adoption and bringing this brown eyed gentle pooch home that has stole our hearts, bed and wallet.  He is not just our family dog, but my shadow, cuddle buddy and a great crumb picker-upper that LOVES cheese!  

Now that we’re done with Duke’s back story…lets get onto our Wicker Toy Box Redo!

  For over a year we were using a card board box for his toy bin.  Then, I saw this deeply discounted wicker basket with very sturdy wooden feet at Home Goods in the clearance section, {my first spot to hit in every store!}.  It was originally priced at $64.00…and I got it for ~ brace yourself $3.00!!!   In its current state, it already looked better in the living room than the cardboard box.  I knew by the time I was done with it…it would be FABULOUS!
  I already had the spray paint at home that I used for a prior project.  Since Duke is now long past the puppy phase of chewing up stuff, I felt confident bringing this little treat home and painting it for him.
I used Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch in Satin Espresso Color

I used bent card stock to try to keep the edges clean while I spray painted it.
{painters tape would have been ideal though}

I left the Wicket basket outside in the sun to dry for a couple hours.

I wrapped leftover white and red ribbon around his toy bin.  I’m going to make a blue name tag that
says “Duke” yet to go with my Americana theme for the living room.  
I’m happy with this turn out and he enjoys flipping his toys out already.  Not bad for only $3.00!  


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